Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Walking for a Cure . . . Still!

I'm writing this post knowing that it may incite some and bring on attacks but from the onset I want you to know that I have no political motivations.  Having worked in the heart of and close to politics for over ten years I try to get as far away from divisive issues as possible, but after spending the day biting my tongue I decided I needed to say something.

I'm sure by now you have heard that Susan G. Komen (SGK) has decided not to provide further grants to Planned Parenthood (PP) - an organization that offered mammograms to underserved populations.  If you haven't -- google it.  The decision has caused quite an outcry and I've heard many people denounce SGK, say they are pulling out of walks, refuse to fundraise, say they will refuse to donate.  That just makes me sad. 

Before this morning I did not know that SGK provided funds to PP.  It wasn't a factor in me signing up to raise $2300 or walk 60 miles.  What I knew is that they provide funding to organizations that provide mammograms to underserved populations.  Quite frankly, I don't care if the money goes to PP or another organization - as long as the funding continues to serve these communities. 

Personally I don't really have strong feelings about PP one way or the other.  I think I would be writing a similar post if the argument was being made by those opposed to SGK granting money to PP.

What I do have a strong feeling about is finding a cure or a way to prevent this disease that killed my mom and continues to strike way too close to home.  I don't think anyone can refute how much SGK has done to advance the ball in that regard.

I am and have always been walking for a cure -- today hasn't changed that.



  1. Thank you, Amanda!! Very well put. And, thank you for walking!!!!

  2. I'm with you there! I posted a similar post several days afterwards. Started it the same day, but went back to it, once things calmed down. Way to keep walking for such an amazing purpose!

    Here's a link if you'd like to read it: