Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Will

Dear sweet Will,

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy. 

You arrived early - on your Grandma's birthday.  But I would venture to say you were right on time. 

You've been keeping us on our toes ever since.  An easy going baby you were not.  Reflux and colic clouded our first few months but oh how you could snuggle.  And as your GI system gave you relief you settled into life in Mommy and Daddy's arms.   After all that is where you were safe from big brother!

My love, you can melt a heart with a single look.  Your eyes cut right to the soul of any person you lay them on.  I fear those eyes may get you (and many a young woman) into trouble in the future. Be careful!  They are the windows to your heart.  And unlike your brother who has always been more cautious, you tend to give your heart to anyone.  You've never shied away from someone's arms, you've always welcomed love and attention wherever it was coming from.

Will, I hope you always remain open to love when it comes your way.  I hope your heart and mind remain open.  That you continue to find the beauty within everything.  I hope when heartache comes your way, and it will, that you do not close your heart down but you learn and grow from it. 

I hope you continue to push boundaries and challenge rules (though let's not get out of hand on that one).  I hope you always want to see what lies outside the world you know.  This will open up doors you never knew existed.

I hope the love and fascination you show towards your brother continues to grow into true friendship.  I hope you protect him and let him protect you.   Together you two will be a force to be reckoned with.

I hope you never doubt the love your Dad and I have for you.  I hope you always find comfort and safety in our home.  I hope you spread your wings and fly, but that you always know that our nest is here when you need to take a rest.

My dear baby boy, on your first birthday the World lies ahead of you.  Things won't always be easy.  There will be trials and sadness and frustrations ahead.  But your ability to persevere in light of those challenges is what will define you as a person.  I will always be here to hold your hand, wipe your tears, kiss your scrapes and cheer you on along the way.  I can't wait to see where your journey takes you.

Happy Birthday my baby bear.  Don't grow up too fast.

I love you.


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