Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hey Shorty It's your Birthday

So Matt and I may have gone a little DIY crazy for Sam's second Birthday.  But hey, you're only 2 once right?!!?

The house was filled with toddlers and friends and family.  It was a perfect celebration and we felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many of the people we love.  Here's a glimpse into how we transformed our home into Sesame street.

Homemade muppet faces.  Sam loved these.  His little face lit up when he saw them hanging on the wall.
 Cookie, Elmo and Abby Goodybags and a homemade Sesame Street sign

The overall look: Birthday signs and sunny day poms and a balloon valance.
But the best touch may have been our homemade and decorated cakes . . . 

That's right!  That's a homemade Elmo and homemade Cookie cake.  I think they are pretty kick ass!

Sam was a little over-whelmed, especially when the hordes of toddlers started playing with his toys.
He sat in the corner surveying the chaos with a couple of fish (a nod to Elmo's fish Dorothy!)

But a little cake got him in the party mood!

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