Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time with Kids is Fun (and exhausting)

Christmas time is a magical time of year for me.  We've already established that I'm a sentimental fool and the spirit of giving and love fill me.  But this year it is different.  This year I get to see Christmas through my kid's eyes.  Sure, Sam has already experienced two Christmases but this is the first year that he is starting to "get it."

Our nightly drive home from daycare has been filled with shear excitement and squeals of "Christmas Yights" (lights).  The minute we get home Sam runs to the tree and jumps up and down till I hit the switch that fills our living room with twinkling lights.  He runs under the mistletoe and begs for kisses.

An exhausting trip to the mall last weekend was topped off with bouts of hysterical laughter when Sam graced us with his very own Christmas carol "Santa, Santa.  Coming, coming."  accompanied by an original dance.  (Mind you this was mere hours after he screamed in terror as we put him on the man in reds lap!)

And the awe that filled his face when we took him to the local Christmas light display will make me smile long into the dull days of winter!

Will is still too young to understand but I swear he is even filled with extra energy and excitement.  I can't wait till Christmas morning!  This shit is fun with kids!!!!

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