Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm putting my Money on the Founding Fathers

I have avoided politics throughout this whole election.  I have my views, some the candidate I will support share and some he differs vastly with me.  And I'm ok with that.  I have made a choice on who I believe will be the best representative to this country.  The country I wake up every morning and go to work and support.

I know that there will never be a human being that is the perfect President.  You have to have certain character traits to even seek the office.  Character traits that many of us would find intolerable in a friend or partner.  And let's be honest 95% of what is said on the campaign trail is an idealistic representation of a person's views or opinions, scripted to play to the most influential audience where every word has been so measured and calculated there is hardly a genuine thought.  And at the end of the day, regardless who holds the title of President for the next four years, very little will change.

You may say that sounds defeatist or resigned of jaded.  But in truth, that is what I am banking on.  Because more than any one person, I believe in our system of government.  While many will lambast the Congress or the President (or both) for not getting anything done, most don't realize that this is exactly what the founding fathers had intended.  A government that was slow to move.  A government that had to work very hard to realize the smallest changes.

Our founding fathers crafted a system of government that placed numerous checks and balances against itself in order to protect our nation from any one person, any one body or any one view point.  Think about it - there is very little the President can do without Congressional concurrence.  And that crazy Congress can hardly get it's two house to agree and lives under the constant threat of the veto pen.  Throw the Supreme Court into the mix and you have a recipe for inefficiency.  Oh, yeah, and if things weren't complicated enough then add in the political parties, regional alliances and local issues.  Honestly, it's a pretty awe inspiring feat when all of those competitive bodies and priorities line up and a law get's passed. 

So while I have my favorite that I will go in and back tomorrow, in the end, I'm putting my money on the founding fathers!

All of this to say that despite the divisive rhetoric that is going around and the pandering to swing voters, the bottom line is very little will change due to the outcome of tomorrow's election.  The Middle East will still be a mess.  Unemployment will still be high.  Jobs will likely continue to grow and we can still count on two things in this lifetime - taxes and death!  I'm confident in saying that a Romney White House will not roll back women's rights and a Obama White House will not lead to the destruction of our nation.  Regardless who is President this Country will continue to face challenges and regardless who is President I'll agree with some decisions while disagreeing with others.

More than "my guy" winning tomorrow, I hope that each individual person can take pride in the roll that they played in our democratic process and recognize that it is just that . . . a process.  There is no absolute right and there is no absolute wrong.  We are each, in the words of the wise Daniel Tiger, going to need to "stop, think and choose."  And at the end of the day, when the votes are tallied and we find ourselves on the losing end of the vote we need to take a few minutes and try to find the good in the majority's pick.

It strikes me that there must have been the same passion during elections in the past. They have come during times of war, economic crisis and scandal - but something has changed and that is the ability for all of us to share our uncensored thoughts at any time, from any location with the masses.  To quickly tweet out anger or impulsive thoughts that were once upon a time kept within one's own house.  Social Media has exacerbated the "mob mentality" and brought it into our living rooms.

And what is even scarier is that our adversaries are watching every word of this.  Watching us pick ourselves apart and making assumptions about the strength and cohesiveness of our nation.  That to me is truly frightening.  Because I still believe, Red or Blue, Romney or Obama we are strongest when we are on nation under God.

Tomorrow I hope that anyone who is reading this takes a few minutes before hitting post on facebook or submit on twitter and instead of adding to the divide you try to find something good to say - and if not take the advice given by mother's over the generations and "keep your thoughts to yourself."

And that is all I have to say about that!

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