Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Perfect Fall Morning

 There is just something about the smell of fall that I love.  It's crisp and earthy.  And the air is dry and fresh.  It makes your cheeks hot and your nose sting and let's your breathe deeper than the hot humid air that is so common here during the summer months. 

Along with all those wonderful attributes also come shorter days.  The loss of day light seems to have a strong effect on my mood.  So I'm making sure I pop my Vitamin D daily and I'm trying to take advantage of the day light before the cold of winter sets in.

This morning I bundled up the boys, strapped them in the stroller and headed out for a walk with a friend.  It was . . . PERFECT.  We stopped at a farmers market and picked up fresh baked pumpkin bread, took a leisurely stroll along the creek and then the boys spent some of their energy at the play ground. 

 We came home, red (and runny) nosed, and rewarded ourselves with some of that pumpkin bread, an episode of Daniel Tiger and a mug of hot coffee (that last one is just for me). 

One of the real gifts of the 3-day was learning how much better I feel with a little bit of physical activity and some fresh air.  Now we are going to snuggle in for a fall afternoon nap.  Happy Saturday!

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