Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gearing Up

When you buy new shoes and custom fit insoles and the experts at the shoe store tell you to break them in slowly you should probably listen.

And not take them out for a 4 mile trial the day you buy them.

Because if, hypothetically, you decided to wear them for a 4 mile walk, I bet you'd be pretty sore.  Like very, I've-never-walked-more-than-around-the-grocery-store-before sore!  Hypothetically speaking.

But not me, I'm a good listener.  Or maybe I'm not. 

Because today - I'm pretty freaking sore. Oops!

Yesterday SGK had a shoe clinic at Road Runners that I took advantage of.

They talked about the right shoe and the right fit and the right sock.  They gave pointers on what to wear and what to drink and how to keep yourself comfortable (is that possible) and healthy while walking 60 miles over 3 days. 

Road Runners has this really neat system (albeit a pretty cheesy schtick that goes along with it) where they analyze your foot and the way you walk in order to custom fit an insole and pick the right shoe to give you the right amount of support for your planned activity. 

Best thing they give you 90 days to try out your shoes. 

I think I'm going to heed their advice from here on and take it a little slower in my new kicks. 

Happy Walking!

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